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Bitcoin Bonus

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for various goods or services, as well as to make money. Decentralized issuance of money and therefore anyone can become a «treasurer» and begin to produce real money.

How to make Bitcoin?

There are several ways how you can earn this cryptocurrency:

- Buy and hold. Rate this currency rose from a few cents to $15000 for a few years ! Given the limitations of money in circulation, the course will only grow.
- Trading. Need to refer to this currency, like any other in the Forex market. There are exchange trade that currency.
- Mine. Each coin - a code that must be found. There are special programs, those involving the processing power of computers to search for coins.
- Win. There are services that give bitcoin for certain actions. Make money without investment, the only thing you need to do is enter the number from the image and is guaranteed to get the money from a few cents to $ 200. Money found in your wallet once a week.

How to register Bitcoin Wallet?

To create Bitcoin Wallet can use the various services. It is possible to keep all the data on your computer. This option is suitable for those who intend to handle large sums of money. For the rest it is quite cumbersome, because from another computer to access the wallet will not.

Much easier to have a wallet that is stored in the cloud service, and password access to the web interface. Create wallet when Blockсhain.

How to buy and trade Bitcoin?

You can purchase and trade Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies on specialized exchanges Binance and Yobit. Do not use the same passwords on different services! Be sure to write down all the registration data to be able to restore access.

How to start earning Bitcoin Bonus?

Once you have registered Bitcoin Wallet and got his address, you can start earning. For this, we will help the following services, handing out bonuses after a certain period of time.

Telegram Bot gives daily BITCOIN (BTC) automatically:
- BTC Click Bot
- BCH Click Bot
- LTC Click Bot
- DOGE Click Bot
- ZEC Click Bot
- Telegram Bot

Bitcoin Bonus every hour (enter Bitcoin address and captcha):
- Freebitco
- Bestchange (bottom left BTC Faucet)