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WebMoney Passport

About WM-Passport

WM-Passport – is a digital identification document, certified with signature sample of WebMoney transfer System user, which contains personal data of the owner: Last, First and Middle names, passport and contact information.

Wm-Passport confirms that it's holder is a real person. Depending on quantity and verification method of the information provided by System user, there are different WM-Passport types. Higher WM-passport status provides higher trust from other System users, thus higher WM-Passport provides more features offered by WebMoney Transfer System.

WM-Paspport Types

WM passport service program has several levels according to which, every WebMoney Transfer System user can get any WM-passport of following types:

- Alias WM-Passport is great for insignificant transfers, billing and internet shopping. Besides this type of WM-Passport is good for new System users who just started to learn potential of WebMoney Transfer System. However, you should keep in mind that level of trust towards System user with "Alias WM-Passport" is minimal;
- Formal WM-Passport will fit for active payment systems users and freelancers. Amongst other features, Formal WM-Passport can be used for regular government services payments and withdrawal transactions;
- Initial WM-passport is recommended for small business and internet companies employees. Initial WM-Passport will distinguish you from anonymous System users, but still it does not completely ensures trust of advanced System users;
- Personal WM-Passport is recommended for business and advanced System users whose aim is not only to spend or transfer funds, but also earn online using whole set of WebMoney transfer services. Personal WM-passport ensures high trust of other System users, because your passport data was verified in person with original (or certified by a notary) documents.

Professional WM-Passport Types

WebMoney Transfer System, also provides professional WM-Passport types, that profession-oriented for corporate users, software developers and participation in System as Registrar or Arbitrator.

Get Free WM-Passport

You can get Formal WM-Passport online. Formal WM-Passport issuance is free of charge and it is conducted by WM-Passport service. It is issued after System user specifies passport data.