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Neteller and WebMoney

General Information

WMSIM provides its users the opportunity to exchange between two of the most popular worldwide payment system Neteller and Webmoney.

Neteller allows you to maintain accounts in one currency selected at registration, as well as send and receive payments between its members. This payment system is very popular among those who make buying and selling on the Internet.

The Neteller Account is an online stored-value account that millions of consumers in more than 200 countries have used to add, withdraw and transfer funds to and from Neteller merchants using the Net+ prepaid card.


For exchange to Neteller and WebMoney must be met the following requirements:

- Neteller account must be open for at least 45 days;
- WebMoney account must be open for at least 7 days;
- accounts in both systems must be owned by one person and to be verified (have status checked).

Restrictions Top-Up WebMoney via Neteller

In order to prevent fraud and money laundering need to specify the source of funds Neteller and attach of a few screenshots of the pages of your Neteller account - Account, History и Settings.

In connection with the possibility of a refund Neteller, WMSIM reserves the right to delay the completion of the exchange of up to 48-72 hours for new users.

Direct Payment Services

If you do not have a Neteller account or the account is restricted limits, but you need to pay for the purchase in the online service, WMSIM can do it for you!

WMSIM is a verified participant in Neteller payment system and is ready to pay for any purchases with no restrictions on the amounts.

By entrusting us the payment, you will save time and money by avoiding unnecessary fees for the exchange of one currency for another and converting the subsequent payment with Neteller.

Simply select withdrawal WebMoney to Neteller, enter your WebMoney e-mail in the field Neteller account and check the option «I do not have a Neteller account and need direct payment services.». In the note indicate what and where you want to pay, as well as login and password if authentication is required on site for payment.

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