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Authorization via E-num

E-num is an authorization system ensuring WebMoney services are accessed with a secret key (a unique cypherpad) stored in a user’s mobile phone (mobile phone, smartphone or tablet). The system allows you to store WM Keeper keys in its database, thus ensuring the secure use of your electronic purses and WebMoney services virtually from any computer.

E-num is a user-friendly system. The user does not have to remember sophisticated passwords and while the authorization procedure is based on either Challenge /Response model:

- the user enters their email on the secure access site page (in the software), after which a check digit is displayed to the user;
- the user runs the E-num application on their mobile phone and enters the check digit. After that the response value is shown at the phone screen;
- the user enters the response value in the authorization field on the site (in the software) and gets access to secure sections.

The E-num service gives to participants the following opportunities:

- registration in the system, account setting, restore access;
- use an additional secure way to log into WM Keeper;
- to confirm authorization at WebMoney services when performing important operations;
- to confirm transactions, payment for services and to conduct other operations in WM Keeper.

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