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WebMoney Credit Exchange

WebMoney Credit Exchange is an automatic interface that implements the receipt and issuance of credits in WebMoney online mode and provides place for loan applications and search for counter-proposals.

Each lender may provide part of the amount requested by the implementation of the possibility to receive and give out loans collectively. Exchange simultaneously captures transfer of credit and debt, thus solves the problem of non-receipt of credit in response to the transferred debt.

To create an order for a loan you must:

- create C-purse in WebMoney Keeper (if it has not yet been created);
- login WebMoney Credit Exchange via WM Keeper Classic, Light or E-num;
- click on the link "Add a request for a loan";
- enter the amount of the loan and the amount to be returned, as well as Z-purse for the loan;
- specify the purpose of the loan, repayment guarantees, and other parameters, to agree to the opening of passport data for potential lenders;
- click "Generate Order" button;
- agree with the Loan Agreement and publishing it on the site of the arbitration service.

After you complete this procedure credited application will be placed in the "List of applications for loan", where it will be able to choose any participant of the system with the certificate not lower than the initial one.

The distribution of credits can participate several lenders, if the application for the loan allows a collective lending.

Each lender will be able to repay the entire fold against the requested amount to the maximum number of creditors. Once the loan amount will be fully assembled on the Z-purse goes credited the appropriate amount of WMZ, and the lender will go D-purse debentures in the amount specified to return. For each credited at the same time can have only one valid application for a loan.

To revoke an order for a loan you must:

- login WebMoney Credit Exchange via E-num;
- click on the "Portfolio" and select "Orders for a loan";
- then next to your application click on the icon of the cross;
- then your order will be deleted.

If the icon is not cross, it means that this application started lending (on the application of the granted loan or the entire amount). In this case, the removal of this application is only possible after the expiry of its validity.

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